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Fiber-optic cabling technology is quickly gaining recognition and renown as the premier method of global data transfer and communication. Within this inventive infrastructure lies a virtually unlimited potential; medical imaging, networking, telecommunications and a wealth of other applications are within reach. While research is ongoing to further strengthen the capabilities of this cabling technology and ensure its efficiency on a global scale, it’s already made tremendous advances by replacing traditional copper wires with strands of highly purified glass or plastic for efficient transmission. The power that lies within this system will drive the future of global communication to new heights – faster networks, extended ranges and widened bandwidths – all a powerful testament to the capabilities of this versatile technology.

Two industry standards for Fiber Optic Cabling:

Single-mode (100BaseBX standard)

  • Single-mode fiber is revolutionizing telecommunications, providing unparalleled stability and cost effectiveness for long distances. Its high bandwidth capability and advanced technologies allow companies to plan ahead when networking with their customers – now more than ever before. Notoriously fast speeds mean minimal delay times as well, affording manageability that telecom providers rely on in an evolving industry climate. This technology continues to advance over time; ensuring its continued prominence among telecommunication standards far into the future

Multimode (100BaseSX standard)

  • Tap into faster speeds, greater reliability and a maximizing ROI with multimode fiber cabling. An ideal solution for any business environment that provides up to 100 Gb/s performance alongside low maintenance costs makes this durable design an essential part of your local network strategy – boosting user experience while decreasing long-term IT expenses.

With over two decades of experience and expertise, Independence Business Phone Systems provides comprehensive solutions to complex communication challenges. Our certified professionals specify reliable services that leverage leading technology and techniques to provide crystal clear audio-visual transmissions. Furthermore, our innovative approach to soundproofing and zero-interference fiber cabling services ensures the highest bandwidth performance with guaranteed results. For top-notch voice and data quality, contact us today for an individualized quote and begin reaping the rewards of working with the best in the industry!