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Switching to remote working is no small task – it requires reliable and secure connectivity for your staff and business operations, not to mention 24/7 technical support. Fortunately, with Independence Business Phone Systems, this transition can be much smoother. Our comprehensive suite of services ensure that staff are never disconnected from the resources they need to stay productive. Our wireless backup support and unified communication tools keep stress levels low while ensuring a secure workflow. What’s more, our round-the-clock technical support means that any unexpected issue can be taken care of without hurting productivity. From large companies to small ventures alike, we provide access to the most powerful tools available so you don’t have to worry about transitioning painlessly into remote work.

Remote Access VPN with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Manage and protect every device in your environment.

At Independence Business Phone Systems, customer security comes first. We are driven by our dedication to ensuring the latest cyber protection tools & protocols are employed on behalf of our clients. Our commitment has earned us recognition as one of the premier providers in the industry. We stay ahead of evolving trends in online defense – investing heavily in new technologies to provide unbeatable protection against malicious attacks. With us on their side, businesses can rest assured that their data is secure & they have access to the most advanced security measures available. Independence Business Phone Systems makes protecting your business essential and effortless.

Cloud Directory’s cutting-edge technologies provide the opportunity to gain and maintain an edge in the competitive marketplace. It delivers a real-time solution with maximum productivity and minimal cost – so there’s no need to worry about data security whether you’re a small or large organization. What’s more, subscription plans offer excellent value for money: sign up today to unlock Cloud Directory’s full range of benefits and usher in greater success for your business. Don’t wait any longer – make sure your organization can take advantage of the latest Cloud technology so it can stay at the top of its game!

Businesses are increasingly burdened with the challenge of staying ahead in a rapidly-evolving landscape of cybercrime. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is an invaluable asset, providing effective data protection without compromising user convenience. MFA increases system security by deploying a multi-layered defense against malicious digital threats: biometric authentication, VPNs and pre-integrated regular updates combine to create a robust foundation for cyber safety. With the advancement of cybercriminal tactics, MFA has emerged as a necessary tool to protect sensitive information and ensure secure network access for businesses in this modern age.

As the technological landscape continuously evolves, remaining ahead of your competition is key for any successful business. To do this, businesses need to equip themselves with the necessary tools in order to stay current and secure. Cloud Directory’s streamlined identity management solution provides businesses with just that. It offers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure with rapid product cycles that keep up with the latest trends while simultaneously prioritizing security and reliability. This means businesses can maintain control over their most valuable asset – data – giving them an extra layer of defense against cyberthreats. With the ability to manage more connected users than ever before, Cloud Directory is quickly becoming an essential element of any modern organization’s IT framework.


Remote access VPNs offer considerable advantages for businesses that value the security of their data and confidential information. These virtual private networks provide robust encryption protocols, authentication methods, and secured networks to defend against potential threats. Furthermore, remote access VPNs grant users the flexibility to access vital resources from any place with an internet connection; thus, promoting digital optimization of systems and processes which can influence a company’s competitive edge. Lastly, businesses are presented with various other possibilities for enhancement when exploring these cutting-edge technologies. Investing in a remote access VPN is undeniably worth consideration for its suite of benefits and opportunities.

Security + MFA

Companies are under serious threat from ever-increasing cybercrime; to counter, they must invest in sophisticated security measures such as Multi-Factor Authentication and Virtual Private Networks. Establishing this protective barrier against malicious attack not only reduces risk of data breach but also allows resources that would have been used on contingencies towards more strategic business objectives – a far safer yet productive way forward!

Any Device, Anywhere

Protect your business from the latest security threats with directory synchronization. This up-to-date technology offers significant benefits, from cost efficiency to regularly updated features that help you customize defense mechanisms – paving the way for potential new opportunities and growth! Invest in this advanced system today so that your organization can reach a brighter future.

Efficient Management & Billing

Make the most of your business communications with Independence Business Phone Systems. Our SD-WAN technology unlocks access to powerful digital capabilities that keep data secure without sacrificing modern communication tools – ensuring you can take advantage of all available opportunities and progress into a future filled with potential. Don’t miss out on this chance for growth: get in touch today!